The band history

In early 2011 Ludi built his instrument from high temperature tubes, later called HT-Phon, which he plays with flip-flops.

Shortly after, he was joined by Ju and they played their first concert with a collectively composed song. It was followed by other appearances on various public and private events.

In 2012 Sizzle completes the sound of Die Dölzschner as the third member of the band. Winning second place in a band competition in their home town of Dresden was the beginning of a successful period.

After a long search the three neighbours bought their 40-year-old Mercedes  tour bus and after graduating from high school they started their "Europe Tour 2013/14" with a concert on the main shopping street in Dresden on the 5th of August 2013.

Financed by their busking "Die Dölzschner" traveled through Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and Portugal. 

At the end of June 2014 the band arrived back in Dresden. Using their savings from the tour, they went to the recording studio to produce their first album.